Waste Isn't Waste Until It's Wasted

Waste Isn't Waste Until It's Wasted

Whether it is recycling plastics, glass, metal or food waste, we all need to think of all of these materials as RESOURCES and not rubbish.

That's why the theme for National Recycling Week is Waste isn't Waste until it's Wasted and we here at ASUVI couldn't agree more!

So why is recycling so important?

Why Recycled?

Recycling produces less CO2 emmisions, Landfill and increases Conservation so for us it's a no brainer!

Carbon Emissions

Whether it's oil for plastic, sand for glass or trees for paper, virgin materials are a lot more energy intensive to produce than recycled ones. Less energy means that recycled materials produce less Co2.


Preventing materials from going to landfill is the second reason why we love recycling. It's such a waste to send valuable materials that we've already mined to landfill. Instead we can recycle them and create awesome products like... ASUVIs reusable packaging!


Every time we recycle it means less trees cut down, less mines and less farms. So we can leave this land in its natural form to suck up Co2 and contribute to our planets ecosystem in the way it was intended.

That's why our plastic deodorant tubes and soap pumps are made from 100% recycled post consumer plastics. Recycled plastic is the lowest carbon emitter (yep, lower than glass, aluminium and paper) and we are not contributing to further oil production.

So if we can recycle more, we lower our carbon footprint, keep trees in the forests, sand on the beach and oil in the ground.

Below are a few actions to level up our recycling game.

"Citizen action is vital if we are to meet the national target of halving food waste by 2030"
- Ronni Kahn AO, OzHarvest Founder and CEO

Implent actions at home

Here is a list of ideas that will help you turn that trash into treasure!


  1. Soft Plastic to The Supermarket: Take your softplastics to the supermarket for recycling. (Yes we know this is on hold for now but we're confident it will continue soon).
  2. Recycle your old clothes: H&M stores all have textile recycling bins and Upparel will collect old clothes from your door.
  3. Download the RecycleSmart App: If you are in an eligible council area you can have all kinds of waste collected, including soft plastics and e-waste, for FREE!
  4. Research TerraCycle: Pre-paid postage bins for odd waste, from pens to ciggarettes.
  5. Battery & E-waste Recycling: Anything office related like phones, data storage and batteries can be recycled at Officeworks.

If you do all this plus compost, you'll reduce your landfill massively!

Get involved at work

Reducing your waste at home is only half the battle. Download the Planet Ark Workplace Toolkit to get your colleagues invovled in the zero waste journey.


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