Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply my Deodorant?

Wash. Wash your armpits and dry thoroughly.

Swipe. Apply 1-4 swipes to each armpit.

Rub. Evenly spread it by rubbing it in.

For more detail visit our Instructional Page here.

Is ASUVI deo an antiperspirant?

Our deodorant is a natural deodorant, not an antiperspirant.


Antiperspirants block your pores and prevent you from sweating using actives like aluminium chlorohydrate.


Instead, ASUVI deodorant uses natural actives to stop you from smelling while also absorbing the sweat using ingredients like Bamboo powder and Tapioca starch.


This allows your body to carry out its natural process of detoxification while smelling great!

How do I refill my ASUVI stick?

Visit our Instructional Page here.

What are the Ingredients?

  • You can read more about our ingredients here.

Will I need to Adjust to Natural Deodorant?

It can take up to 14 days to adjust to our deodorant.

Does your Deodorant contain Aluminium?

No. Our deodorants do not contain Aluminium salts.

Is ASUVI Deodorant Vegan Friendly?

Yes. Our formula is plant and mineral based.

Do you test on Animals?

No. We only test on willing humans.

Does ASUVI have a referral program?

Yes. If you'd like to refer a friend you can sign up to our loyalty & referral program to earn discounts and free product. Use the link below or click the blue dot in the bottom left of this page.

How does the Subscription Work?

The Subscription saves you money and time. It works by choosing an interval between 1 and 6 months (we recommend every 3 months). If it's your first order we will send you a reusable tube with your deodorant stick inside.

We then send you a Biodegradable refill to replenish your reusable tube at your next interval.

You're in control. Anytime you want to change your next order date, try a new fragrance or even cancel, you can. It's all easily done in your online account with a few clicks.

What's the difference between the Womens and Mens?

The only difference between the mens and womens deodorants is the fragrances. They all contain the same effective base formulation.

I have a Sodium Bicarbonate Allergy

Why not just use a Cardboard Tube Instead of Plastic?

Our plastic tubes are made from 100% (PCR) recycled plastic and we think that making plastic into beautiful pieces and using it in your home is better than sending it to landfill.

We don't use the cardboard as the final tube because our sticks last about 3 months and being in a wet room, the cardboard falls apart. They are also really inconvenient to use or travel with.

Lastly, because we only use the refills during the refill process we are able to make them much more sustainable than any cardboard deodorants tubes by:

  • - Using raw unbleached paper for the exterior.
  • - Never using plastic additives or films to protect the exterior from being marked. Many companies do this and it makes them un-recyclable/compostable.
  • - Making the tubes much smaller and compact therefore using less materials.

We want to make sustainability easy and accessible for everyone.

Shipping & Returns

How long will Shipping take?

It depends, check out our estimated delivery times below.

Do you Ship Internationally?

Yes, you can check out rates and estimated delivery times below.

What is your Return Policy?

If you're unhappy with your purchase (we know you won't be) let us know and we will provide an exchange or full refund within 30 days of receipt.

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