Our Story

Thomas Richard - Founder











It started with an itch. A literal itch, caused by an aluminium deodorant in the summer of 2015. The experience sparked founder Thomas’s long overdue search for a natural deodorant. Unsatisfied by the lack of effectiveness, sophisticated scents and eco-conscious packaging, he eventually took matters into his own hands.





ASUVI was started to create something better. By pairing natural science with enviro-conscious packaging we deliver effective products with refined scents in packaging that avoids unnecessary waste.

We believe that the products we use should nurture our bodies and reduce the harm to the natural world on which we depend. It is why we created our bio-refill system, why we donate 1% of our sales to the planet and why we strive to do more every day.

In 2018 we launched our effective base formula with 3 signature scents in the world’s first biodegradable refill for deodorant. We are bringing Australia the deodorant that is truly for Nature & Nurture.



A Passion for the Environment

Founder, Thomas Richard is an outdoor enthusiast & environmentalist who grew up by the sea, moved to the mountains at age 18 and has recently returned to Sydney’ beaches to start ASUVI. Our passion for nature is inevitable and so, as threats to the environment have grown so has our need to do something about it.