Application & Refilling



How do I apply my Deodorant?

1. Hold the stick against your skin for 3-5 seconds to warm it.

2. Swipe the stick up (or down) the inside of your armpit once.

- Only apply the deodorant to the inside (blue area) of your armpit, as pictured. Not the grey area around it.

- Applying deodorant in this way means less waste and more effectiveness.



Adjusting to ASÚVI deodorant

It can take up to 2 weeks to adjust to our deodorant but most people adjust straight away. If you have any questions about the transition. Contact us!



How do I Refill? 


- Washing the base with soap & hot water can be difficult so we recommend using rubbing alcohol and paper towel.



Disposal of your Refill

- Throw the tube in your recycling or rip it up to put it in the compost.