How to Apply Natural Deodorant

How to Apply Natural Deodorant
Here are a number of easy tips that will improve effectiveness, prevent marking and amplify the qualities of your ASUVI deodorant.


Ensure you underarms are dry

We recommend that our customers apply deodorant after their morning shower. However, you need to make sure your armpits are dry before you apply your ASUVI. You can take a few moments between your shower and application or dry your armpits properly with a towel. Because natural deodorants are oil-based, water can prevent them from being properly absorbed.


We only recommend one to four swipes

Less is more when it comes to ASUVI. We only recommend one generous swipe for men and two for women to the inside of your armpit for a full day of protection.



Only apply it to the part where you sweat

It can be tempting to apply deodorant generously to ensure proper protection. In actual fact, the only part of your underarm you need to apply your deodorant to is the inside of your armpit (the parts where the hair grows).

If you look at this picture, you can see the blue area is where the deodorant should be applied, and the grey is where it shouldn’t. Not only can applying deodorant to the grey area leave marks on your clothing, but also wastes the deodorant, without preventing moisture or odour.


Rub it in

Rub the deodorant in with your hands. This adds to the effectiveness and prevents any marking.


Follow these steps and you’ll prevent more than just a stain

If you follow these instructions your deodorant will work better and also last longer, saving you money, and most importantly, it means that you are using resources more efficiently; in turn, reducing your environmental footprint!

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